storage tanks

>> fabrication and installation of all types of storage tanks.

>> LPG, butane and propane stored sphere assembly of tank (1000 m³ 2000 m³, 3,000 m³, 3,500 m³, 4,000 m³, 5,000 m³)

>> Underground LPG storage tanks manufacturing and installation jobs.

>> Petrokimya tesislerinde ham petrol ve petrol ürünleri depolanan sabit tavanlı ve yüzer tavanlı silindirik tankların dizayn, projelendirme, imalat ve montajı. Basınçlı drum ve tankların imalat ve montajı.


>> Stainless and C. S. Production of steel from the system works.

>> Carbon steel and stainless steel from the steel product (steel buildings, making profiles, steel platforms, roof trusses and columns, beams, grids, machine equipment supports, pipes and standard profile of scissors, pipe bridges and support, etc.). Manufacture and assembly works .

>> Carbon steel and stainless steel ovens, panels, ducts, stainless steel tanks, reactors, mixers, paint manufacturing and installation of tunnels.


>> project planning and installation of industrial pipelines.

>> alloy carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, polypropylene, PVC, HDPE, etc. Projecting all types of industrial pipelines made of materials, preparation of plans and isometrically picture tube, making manufacturing, commissioning Installation and commissioning.

>> Petro-chemical, chemical, power plants, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, water treatment plants, steel, cement and so on. the need of industrial and process pipelines / or the establishment of auxiliary facilities as turnkey pipelines.